Confidence University and OwnHers present EnVision Vision Board Brunch hosted by Tip Jones in Charlotte,NC
The Tip Jones Scholarship

Tip's Tip of the Month

Write it down and make it plain. Do it with a little flair and creativity.

"Stretch the boundaries of your creativity with daily doses of wisdom and encouragement in this quirky 365-day journal. Every day is an opportunity to engage your persistence, patience, imagination, and daring as you test your limits: draw a round figure using only lines, coin a new word, create a recipe showcasing an ingredient you’ve never used before, set a shopping list to a melody."

Your Pledge

I don't try. I do. I am creating, planning, and taking extreme action. I will do all I can with what I have right now and I won't wait another moment. I AM A #WOMANONFIRE!

I'm Ready for My Upgrade

This is where the text for the back of your card should go.

Let Me In, Coach Tip!