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I downloaded this book on my Kindle Cloud reader a few months ago and I must say, I went through page by page highlighting key points about getting on the 7 Streams Team. It's an easy read and the information given is practical and actionable, which I like. The thing that I like most about the writing about the streams was that Ms. Jones didn't make you feel limited to just one idea though she advised to work that idea and see it through. I'm working on my multiple streams and am grateful for the advice. - PrettyFlyers11
This book was very informative! Its one thing to read a "How to" book that just explains a process. Its another thing to feel coached through each step! In this book, not only did I feel like I had a virtual coach, but there were actual websites and specific links to the information that was being discussed. The questions at the end of each chapter challenges you to actually stop, focus and make some decisions( which helps the procrastinator.) And the resources offered gives the reader something tangible to literally start the business today! You have what you need in hand to get started! Its a quick one stop shop that will assist you in getting the ball rolling! So imagine what you will get with the whole 7 Streams program! Thank you Tip Jones for sharing your gifts with all of us! - Christine Robinson
I love this book. I also participated on one of the conference calls and have had Tip as a consultant. This really helped me realized where I can monetize my knowledge and put a price on my talent and skills. This was definitely a different perspective on how to create additional streams of income for yourself. - Shahidah
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