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A provocative and straight-forward speaker-teacher, Tip Jones effectively mentors audiences to create change in their lives today. More than a motivational speaker, she moves her listeners to take action to manifest long-term results. Tip will leave your audience invigorated, inspired, and wanting more.

Signature Confidence Talks

How to Succeed at Anything!

A hands-on workshop your audience will thank you for. Requiring a half or full day, it is filled with interactive activities to assist your audience in attacking their strongest desires and goals with conviction and self-assurance.

I Can Show You Better Than I Can Tell You
Relying on external validation can be a recipe for living in the shadows of other people's fears. This talk will push your audience to be introspective about what drives them and what pulls them back. They will depart from your event with the tools necessary to press play on their personal and professional goals with only themselves to high five (and that be enough).

What You Should NO
"No" is a full sentence. The ability to say it with a smile and free of pain, animosity, or guilt is not always taught. Your attendees will learn the art (and science) of saying "no", meaning it, and following through in love and confidence. They will your event ready to embark upon a life filled with loving others while no longer neglecting themselves.

Signature Money Talks

Get on the 7 Streams Team: How to Create Multiple Streams of Income
The average millionaire has 7 streams of income. Your audience will identify their 7 streams which will fall directly in line with their passion-based business so they can begin to create the creative and financial legacies they've been vision boarding about.

What's Your Problem? Sell the Solution!
"What problem are you solving?" This is a daunting question for many small business owners. They're doing the work because they love it but not always because their target audience needs it.  This talk will walk your attendees through recognizing the niche problem they solve, how to capitalize on it, and how to make their target customer a believer.

"Starting & Maintaining Your Business on Less than $100 a Month"
Free resources abound but which ones are best, necessary, guaranteed to work in the long run? This "resourceful" talk will set your attendees up for bootstrapping success. (Pen and paper strongly recommended.)

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